What I’m up to…


Happy New Year to everyone, thank you for your e-mails!

I wanted to run you through what articles I am working on at the moment, feel free to chime in at any time if there is something you would prefer to read about ⚡️

  1. How to Handle a Climate Change Skeptic – You guys are requesting this, so I will definitely write about it, although I admit I really resent having to add my two cents on how to handle people who categorically reject fact based evidence;
  2. Solar Securitization – Due to the rise of third-party leasing and Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) models, whereby energy clients can enter long-term developers that install, own and operate solar equipment on their roofs. In return, the host customer pays the developer for the solar system’s electric output, similar to how they would pay a utility for their services. These models lend themselves to the securitization of solar assets, a financing technique that puts together pools of underlying assets and transforms the future cash flows into a security. Once the risks are elaborated and understood, there would be many benefits for all parties;
  3. The Tyranny of Short Termism – There are so many things to say on this topic, on the one hand, a greater long-term focus, a growing body of empirical evidence pointing to, companies’ financial performance becoming more predictable, read: more profitable3.  If your focus on profit is sufficiently long, it starts to become more and more genuine representative of the long-term benefits and costs. But there is a growing appreciation of the massive economic threats posed by climate change, the ultimate long-term risk;

  4. Insurance and Climate Change – The $600 billion reinsurance (insurance for insurance companies-yes, it’s a thing) industry helps insurance companies pay damage claims from hurricanes and floods and can help people and companies get back on their feet after disasters,  which are getting more frequent, and deadly on account of climate change. Swiss Re data shows natural disasters caused an average $180 billion in economic damage per year over the last10 years, of which 70%  was uninsured. I wanted to look at these numbers and explore why insuring climate change was is challenging;
  5. Macquarie’s purchase of the Green Investment Bank – Aussie investment bank Macquarie closed a 2b deal to privatize the UK government backed Green Investment Bank. This will lead to interesting developments fo UK green infrastructure;
  6. An overview of the feasibility of the biofuel industry

Also, I realize that I am not as active as I ought to be, and I promise you, I will publish more regularly!

Stay awesome⚡️

cover photo from the Jimothy Wiggins Archive


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